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The Copilot Divide: How Licensing Costs are creating the Haves and Have Nots

Digruntled employees?

Even if they don't tell you in your expensive engagement surveys, most employees, working in organisation of a certain size will feel aggrieved about a few things.

Mostly, aggrieved about what is afforded to Senior Managers vs those 'in the trenches'.

Car Parking spaces no one else gets.

Management meetings no one else gets invited to.

Special floors with restricted access.

Ok maybe that's just Star Trek.

You get the point though.

In the dynamic landscape of corporate technology, a subtle yet profound divide has already emerged that is pissing them off even more.

The Copilot Divide

With an upfront annual commitment of $592 (AUD) per licence, businesses are being choosy around who gets to play with the 'new and shiny' AI tool.

However, this has already started to polarise organisations.

In one corner, we have the privileged “haves” - The ones deemed important enough to have a Copilot licence

From the disempowered “have nots.".

Not (in their eyes) important enough to be trusted with such power!

Early adopter organisations are taking a 'top down' approach, picking a group of senior managers, to trial Copilot with.

The thinking here is that if the managers understand the potential of AI and Copilot, then this will better shape the vision and strategy for the organisation.

This I agree with completely.

However, this is also creating a two-tier system that further alienates an already disengaged workforce.

It is exactly the same with some organisations, who STILL do not give a Microsoft 365 licence to their field based workers.

$6 a month, is $6 a month.

So I don't see this changing anytime soon.

How to avoid the Copilot divide

So how do you avoid the 'Haves and Have nots' situation?

1.Create an AI Strategy

The key with all of this is to actually have an AI strategy that is shared with everyone in the organisation. If this is open and transparent, this will likely remove a lot of the noise.

This can be a simple 1 page, 5 page or 500 document.

It's the not knowing that kills them!

2. Find out what your peers (and enemies) are doing

You don't have do search far to look up the emerging list of companies that have already begun the Copilot journey. Grab the bits of their strategy that work for you and learn from their mistakes !

Microsoft have also done an awesome job with their Copilot Adoption site.

3. Let them eat cake (Use Copilot)

Here's the thing.

IF someone came to you and said "I can save $5,000 a year with a Copilot licence"

Would you let them have one?

Of course you would.

Some users that do repetitive, laborious content creation; this would be a no brainer.

Give them the licence!

Looking to deploy Copilot?

Want to hear how we are helping large organisations boost their productivity with Copilot?

Get in touch with us today and have hear how we are successfully automating businesses.

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