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Microsoft Teams Consultancy.

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We've provided Microsoft Teams Consulting in Australia since it was launched!

Seeking to streamline communication and collaboration in your Australian business? As a skilled Microsoft Teams Consultancy right here in Australia, I offer tailored solutions to integrate Microsoft Teams effectively into your business processes.

We focus on how users can improve their working day

  • Australian based From Eats Street to Streets Beach, understanding the Australian business landscape to deliver solutions that resonate with local business needs.

  • 'Out of the box' / No Code: Providing tailored Teams setups for businesses of all sizes, ensuring a perfect fit with your operational flow.

  • Continued Support: Offering not just initial integration but ongoing support and training to maximise the use of Microsoft Teams in your business.

Why us?

How we help with  Teams 

How we help you with Microsoft Teams:

  • Teams Setup and Installation: Guidance on how to download, install, and set up Teams on your devices.

  • Creating and Managing Teams and Channels: Information on how to create a new team, manage membership, and organise channels for different projects or topics.

  • Meetings and Video Conferencing: Tips and tutorials on how to schedule, join, and conduct meetings using Teams, including video conferencing features, screen sharing, and recording meetings.

  • Integration with Other Apps: How to integrate Teams with other Microsoft 365 apps (like Outlook, OneNote, and SharePoint) and third-party apps to enhance productivity.

  • Collaboration and File Sharing: Guidance on how to collaborate in real-time on documents, share files within teams and channels, and best practices for managing shared content.

  • Chat and Communication Features: Using the chat function, customising messages with formatting and emojis, and managing notifications.

  • Customisation and Settings: Show ways to personalise your Teams experience, including changing themes, notification settings, and managing privacy options.

  • Troubleshooting and Support: Solutions for common issues related to connectivity, audio/video problems, and application errors.

  • Teams for Education: Specific queries related to using Teams in an educational setting, such as creating classes, assignments, and using the Teams for Education features.

  • Security and Compliance: Information on how to ensure communications are secure, manage data compliance, and understand Teams' security features.

Areas we help with Microsoft Teams with our clients across Australia

  • Administration

  • Support

  • Consultancy

  • Set-up

  • Training

Teams Services


Cities we can work from

  • Melbourne

  • Sydney

  • Brisbane

  • Perth

  • Canberra

The first hour is Free!

We know that choosing the right Microsoft Teams consultant can be tricky.

We are so convinced in our ability and extpertise in this area, we wont charge you for the first hour. 

It may be all you need.

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About Us.

We are not your typical techies!

We’ve worked in industries like Finance, FMCG and Construction and combine our three main passions: business, technology, and people.

When it comes to technology consulting, we believe that the best results come from listening to my customers' needs and collaborating to create innovative solutions that work for them.

We specialise in providing end-to-end solutions using the Microsoft cloud platforms.

About Me


If you would like to know more about anything on this site or just want to have a quick chat, feel free to contact us using the details below.

We look forward to hearing from you.


+61  (07) 3103 0444



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