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AI redfining your business
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About Copilot

Start with the mundane. The complex and enterprise wide will follow

In today's digital age, AI is redefining the way we work, offering unprecedented opportunities for efficiency and innovation. As an indispensable assistant, AI is set to automate key business processes, freeing up information workers from the mundane, and enabling a focus on more strategic tasks. Research reveals that 60% of an information worker's time is consumed by coordination and communication, yet with tools like AI co-pilots, 75% of users report not wanting to work without them. This underscores the transformative impact of AI on the workplace

We are business focused and technically savvy.

  • Setup and Training: Assisting with the installation, configuration, and comprehensive training to leverage Copilot AI’s full potential.

  • Custom Solutions: Tailoring Copilot AI features to fit your operational flow, with a focus on improving daily work efficiency.

  • Ongoing Support: Providing continuous support and updates to ensure Copilot AI evolves with your business needs.

Why us?

Our approach to Copilot

When implementing Copilot, we recommend a three-step approach:

  • Wave 1 - Individual and Group Assistants: Begin with AI solutions that simplify daily tasks. From managing emails in Outlook to diving deep into data analysis in Excel, AI assistants enhance productivity and decision-making.

  • Wave 2 - Process Automation: Focus on automating specific functions, such as finance and customer service, streamlining operations, and reducing errors.

  • Wave 3 - Semi-Autonomous Agents: Look towards integrating AI across functions, creating systems where AI agents perform tasks and report back, bridging gaps between departments efficiently.

Areas we help with Copilot with our clients across Australia

  • Licencing

  • Setup

  • Training

  • Tailored Solutions (Copilot Studio)

  • Adoption

  • Strategy

Copilot Services


Cities we can work from

  • Melbourne

  • Sydney

  • Brisbane

  • Perth

  • Canberra

The first hour is Free!

We know that AI and Copilot can seem daunting and choosing the right consultant can be tricky.

We are so convinced in our ability and expertise in this area, we wont charge you for the first hour. 

It may be all you need!

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About Us.

We are not your typical techies!

We’ve worked in industries like Finance, FMCG and Construction and combine our three main passions: business, technology, and people.

When it comes to technology consulting, we believe that the best results come from listening to my customers' needs and collaborating to create innovative solutions that work for them.

We specialise in providing end-to-end solutions using the Microsoft cloud platforms.

About Me


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