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Our Online Applications feature revolutionises the hiring process by empowering businesses to configure custom questionnaires for applicants at different stages.

With this feature, you have complete control over the questions applicants must answer and when they are presented.

Whether it's gathering essential information during the initial application or requesting more specific details in later stages, our flexible configuration options ensure a tailored and efficient recruitment process.

By customising the questions, you can effectively screen candidates, assess their qualifications, and gauge their suitability for the role. This feature streamlines applicant evaluation, saves time, and enables you to make more informed hiring decisions. Embrace the power of our Online Applications feature to enhance your recruitment strategy and discover the most qualified candidates with ease.

Customise your own online Application Forms

Create New Starter forms to allow 100% digital onboarding

Add to your existing website in minutes

Create sections and custom questions to suit the needs of your business

Add screening questions for interviews and candidate selection

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