Other Features


Offer Wizard

Create a digital envelope that includes a cover letter, contract, schedule and position descrition

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Job Descriptions

Create and manage position descriptions in a central library using our skills picker

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Employment Contracts

Create and manage different employent contracts in a central library

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Online Applications

Configure which fields you need applicants to provide at 1st stage and 2nd stage applications

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Task Lists

Assign Watch, Sign and 'to do' tasks for onboarding, offboarding and other key areas

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Online Signatures

Allow Managers and Employees to sign all key contracts and policies online. No paperwork required!

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Core HR

Employee Profiles

Keep track of an employee's tasks, personal information, positions, assets, training, notes, and documents.

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Position, Pay, Benefits

Access both current and historical information pertaining to position, compensation, and benefits.

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Contract Variations

Make changes to existing contracts and schedules using our variations wizard

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Training and Certifications

Store details of training, certifications and qualifications. Manage centralised lists and run organisation wide reports.

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Asset Register & Report

Manage a centralised list of assets such as Laptops, Vehicles and other equipment.  

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Company Document Library

Manage a centralised list of Documents and Policies. These can be signed by employees. 

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