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Employment Contracts

With this feature, Employment Contracts can be issued and signed 100% digitally. You can effortlessly upload and store various types of employee contracts, ensuring compliance with the specific employment regulations of each country. 

Our Employment Contracts feature offers numerous advantages tailored for businesses based in both New Zealand and Australia. The ability to store contract templates within the system eliminates the hassle of managing physical documents and enables easy access whenever required.

Additionally, the feature allows for the generation of contracts directly within the platform, ensuring accuracy and adherence to the employment laws of both New Zealand and Australia.

By providing a centralised and secure repository for employee contracts, our Employment Contracts feature simplifies contract management, reduces administrative burden, and ensures businesses in both New Zealand and Australia can effectively meet their legal obligations while streamlining their human resources processes.

Create templates for Full-Time, Part-Time, Casual and Other employment types

Use your existing employment contracts

Easily generate and amend employment contracts online!

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